Image by JC Gellidon
Medical Risk Management and Malpractice Prevention

Medical Risk Management is the management of medical risk defined as “A medical adverse event, medical action, or failure of action that may result in a civil, criminal, or other liability of a healthcare provider and/or practice entity”. It is impossible to be in medical practice without risk.  The best that can be expected is to reduce the risk as much as possible and to be prepared for defense when potential liabilities occur.  Every physician knows the practice of medicine is a complex business requiring the identification and understanding of the risks as well as planning for potential liabilities.  Much more is involved than actual medical training and in recent years the complexities have increased, e.g. federal and state regulations, business requirements, operational systems such as electronic health records (EHR) to mention a few. 


Our efforts are directed toward working with physicians and managers to keep the risk level low and the medical practice level of preparedness high.